Hi. I'm Len, 55 years of age, and an avid photographer who is always in search of that perfect picture. I use high end, professional standard equipment such as the Canon 5d3 along with Canon L series lenses to maximize quality.

I don't think that I have ever what can be called a 'normal' job apart from a couple of years in an insurance office when I left school. I found office work too restrictive and since then my main occupation has been as a croupier in casinos dealing roulette, blackjack, and poker. This has allowed me to travel the world while working on cruise ships and as a ranger guide escorting people on safari in Africa for several years. I now live in Worthing, West Sussex where I have spent most of my life when not travelling.

All aspects of my work, both past and present, have taught me the value and importance of friendliness with great customer service and which I bring to all aspects of my life. I am now dedicated to combining this with my passion for photography to give you a first class service and experience.

I am also quite unique in that I am one of a handful of photographers to be allowed to take your picture at a casino gaming table. This makes ideal choice if you are planning on going to a casino as part of your evenings celebrations, such as a stag or hen night, and want a record of your time there.