Freelance Photographer for Hire

Everybody has the ability to take good photos these days with the advances in mobile technology but not everyone has the time or post processing equipment and skills. This is where I come in;

  • If you are selling your car or house, for example, then my high quality photographs will help make them stand out from the rest and get the price you want.
  • If you are designing a website, then my images will help you provide a polished and professional look to it.
  • If there a specific beauty spot in the countryside or place in town that you haven't the time to get to or don't want to walk to, then I will go out there and get that photograph it for you.

These are just a few examples of what I can do for you, there are many more. I am equally at home covering sporting events, theatre productions, gigs, and festivals. All you have to do is ask by completing the contact section of this site and I can give you a quote, free of charge and without obligation.

I am also available for work on behalf of professional bodies and media publications.


The choice of final product is entirely down to you, whether it be full resolution high definition downloads, prints, or canvasses. The price for these will be included as part of the quote.

Generally, the cost for my services start at around £35 per hour* but each commission will be tailored specifically for you and quoted for on an individual basis. A straight forward shoot, depending on location, may well cost less than £35! Just fill out the contact section of this site telling me what you want and I will get back to you.


* Where it is necessary to hire the services of a model or props, this will be included in the quote and a reasonable deposit may be required.